deep#down & lightly


Reaching the lowest point of life is not necessarily an irretrievable situation. One can assume that it’s a kind of journey scheduled on a downward path. I try to be very careful with the words but trust me I stand with infinite respect  in front of everyone experiencing the way down. I do not exclude myself either of this experience. A journey plenty of lower moments and feelings knocking you out till the final destination “the lowest point”.

There are two ways to reach final destination. The quick way (“tumbling down stairs”) and the long way (step by step). Both of them are the same painful and have the same destination, the difference exists in perception and duration.

The first may be an unexpected shock lets say  getting fired, getting injured or having a health issue etc. You take the message and oops you find yourself on the bottom. No time to react, to digest the new reality you just “dive”

The second way takes time. It can forewarn you for the plunge.  You go through a period (long or short it depends) during which a combination of bad and painful moments, a combination of spiritual, physical and psychological burden will pull you down torturously and systematically.

No matter how or when you get there, the lowest point is not necessarily dark. Could be considered as milestone. An exceptional moment of life. A point of renaissance, a moment for rebooting our system. Breath deeply, no need to accuse anyone. Recalculate, review and restart. After all “the lowest point” is not the termination of journey but a new start line.





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